Author Topic: Skill as "Right tool for the job"?  (Read 532 times)


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Skill as "Right tool for the job"?
« on: March 09, 2022, 02:58:06 pm »
For a while I fiddled with a house rule I called “chained actions”. My thought was to use one roll to affect the next roll in certain situations. Imagine a leader of a sailing ship’s crew needing to direct the bridge? Both Operating and Leadership make sense, so perhaps make him roll Operating with success and advantages affecting the follow on Leadership roll. I liked it at first but too clunky and slowed play with extra rolls. But, I still wanted the leader with ship experience in that situation to have some sort of an advantage over the leader who had never set foot on a ship before.

Then I thought of a much simpler method. Using the “Right tool for the job” concept, I thought what about making certain related skills a “tool”? So that Leadership roll would require the character to have Operating as a “tool”, if not apply setback to this Leadership roll when he directs the crew? Fixing a robot's brain using Mechanics? Perhaps consider Computers skill as a “tool”. The character rolling the action could use the game rule of “skilled assistance” to meet the requirement of the “skill tool” as long as the other character helped him or her.

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