Author Topic: g00ru's Guide to Cyberthings - Android compatible Network Encounter Supplement  (Read 892 times)


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g00ru’s Guide to Cyberthings is a supplement for the Genesys Roleplaying System intended to complement the hacking rules found in the Android: Shadow of the Beanstalk setting book. Inside, players and GMs will find the following:

•Memory Units and Utility Programs - A new currency added into rig creation, Memory Units allow for further customization of a runner or sysop's rig. Utility Programs use up these Memory Units and synergize with existing ice and icebreaker programs.
•Rig creation rules - Custom rigs can be made using the tables to make a PAD, portable rig, or big rig with more available programs than that which the rules as written allow.
•Personal System Layout - Suggested guidelines help players create their own system layout to facilitate more interesting network encounters. This allows for encounters in which the players' rigs are the target.
•New Programs and how to make them - This guide includes 7 new ice programs, 6 new breakers, 10 new utility programs, as well as rules to craft programs for the runner or sysop looking to leave their own mark.
•New Talents - g00ru's comes with 11 new talents. Most of which were created with network encounters or hacking in mind, but a couple could be used in any setting!

It took me way too long to get this to a point that I wanted to share it. But we're here. So go check it out, please!
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