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Greetings Warriors
« on: January 28, 2021, 12:58:21 pm »
Greetings Warriors,

I am posting this topic mainly as a greeting to the rest of the forum community. However, I would also like to thank DrainSmith for coordinating this new GeneSys community forum.

DrainSmith has repeatedly proven themselves to be a true champion of and advocate for the GeneSys RPG game and it's community of users. From great assets, tools, and art, to some fantastic modules and ports, DrainSmith has a solid record of productivity and passion for this game and its fans. This latest project only furthers that track record of excellence. Thank you sir, for all your time and work in helping to proactively maintain the energy and creativity of the adherents of our little GeneSys cult.

For myself, I am a long-time TTRPGamer going back to my earliest introduction to D&D in the Mid-late 1970's. While much of my recent gaming time has been spent on board gaming pursuits, GeneSys remains my preferred modern narrative RPG, and is my go to system when running a game (Usually One-shots), these days.

Again, thanks to DrainSmith and also to all the others who have helped contribute their time and expertise to enhance an already terrific game system.

ta'mey Dun, bommey Dun!
{tlhIngan Hol for; Great Deeds, Great Songs}

NOTE to Board Admin: I saw no better spot on the boards to post this intro, feel free to move as desired/ needed. Or better still, perhaps add a "Welcome" sub folder for folks to check-in and introduce themselves?
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