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General Discussion / Re: Caltrops
« Last post by Sturn on May 08, 2021, 05:19:19 am »
If the character was mounted, I could imagine a Riding check to force the mount through them. Failure means the mount stops and refuses or you haven't made it through the caltrop field completely yet, try again next action. Threats can cause Wounds to the mount? Despair throws the rider?

For a character trying to pass through them, possibly a Coordination check? Simple success to get through them. Again, any Threats can cause damage. A Despair means one is stuck in the character's foot causing a persistent penalty until pulled out?

How much damage from the threats? They weren't really meant to cause too much injury. So maybe just 1 Wound per Threat.

Not sure on the base difficulty. Just 2D? You could also go with a Perception check before hand, failures giving Wounds as the character stumbles into the caltrops.
General Discussion / Caltrops
« Last post by Swordbreaker on May 07, 2021, 06:48:37 am »
So I'm trying to figure out how something like caltrops should work. I figured they should probably be an item that a character could scatter with a maneuver, creating difficult terrain over an area (probably short range). Then what? Should characters be forced to make an OOT check to avoid, or simply have threat inflict wounds on characters? How many wounds?

Wikipedia for reference:
Android: Shadow of the Beanstalk / New Angeles Tour Guide is updated!
« Last post by skarpie on April 26, 2021, 09:23:41 am »
The New Angeles Tour Guide has been updated to include transportation costs!

This free update covers the costs associated to public transit in New Angeles as well as travel times for The Metro, Hopper taxis, and the Beanstalk. Also included, is a brand new map of tube-levs and all of their stops throughout the city!
g00ru’s Guide to Cyberthings is a supplement for the Genesys Roleplaying System intended to complement the hacking rules found in the Android: Shadow of the Beanstalk setting book. Inside, players and GMs will find the following:

•Memory Units and Utility Programs - A new currency added into rig creation, Memory Units allow for further customization of a runner or sysop's rig. Utility Programs use up these Memory Units and synergize with existing ice and icebreaker programs.
•Rig creation rules - Custom rigs can be made using the tables to make a PAD, portable rig, or big rig with more available programs than that which the rules as written allow.
•Personal System Layout - Suggested guidelines help players create their own system layout to facilitate more interesting network encounters. This allows for encounters in which the players' rigs are the target.
•New Programs and how to make them - This guide includes 7 new ice programs, 6 new breakers, 10 new utility programs, as well as rules to craft programs for the runner or sysop looking to leave their own mark.
•New Talents - g00ru's comes with 11 new talents. Most of which were created with network encounters or hacking in mind, but a couple could be used in any setting!

It took me way too long to get this to a point that I wanted to share it. But we're here. So go check it out, please!
General Discussion / Re: Talent/Ability Workshop
« Last post by Swordbreaker on April 08, 2021, 08:48:14 am »
Here's an idea for a magic item.

Crest of Hypnos
While wearing the crest of Hypnos, whenever the character casts an Attack spell with any magic skill, they may add the Non-lethal additional effect to the spell without increasing the difficulty. Narratively, spells cast using a crest of Hypnos induce a powerful sense of drowsiness in the targeted character. A character incapacitated by such a spell falls into a deep, magically-induced sleep.

Twilight Imperium / Twilight Imperium: Embers of the Imperium
« Last post by Swordbreaker on April 07, 2021, 05:28:49 pm »

Looks like the Twilight Imperium book, titled Embers of the Imperium was shadow-announced today via rules expansion PDF for the board game, slated for the summer of 2021. Check page 5 of the below PDF.
General Discussion / Re: Talent/Ability Workshop
« Last post by Swordbreaker on March 24, 2021, 09:46:31 am »
When it comes to magic, if you go by RAW on table III.2-4 (p. 211), 1 threat is equal to 2 strain or 1 wound, not the typical 1-to-1 ratio.
General Discussion / Re: Talent/Ability Workshop
« Last post by Sturn on March 24, 2021, 06:18:17 am »
If the attack successfully inflicts 1 or more wounds on the target, your character heals wounds equal to the wounds inflicted or their ranks in Knowledge [Knowledge (Forbidden) if using that skill] (whichever amount is lesser).

At first it jumped out at me that it would be simpler to just use "heals wounds equal to the wounds inflicted" instead of adding in Knowledge. Then I realized that you wanted to stress it was a dark magic, so put in the Forbidden limiter, so that makes sense to me.

As for Tier, this is where I have problems determining what is appropriate. Perhaps it's my old Advanced D&D days recalling the Vampiric Touch spell, that makes me worried this talent could become a game changer (dealing out damage while healing yourself), so the higher the tier the better? In-play use may be needed to settle where you want the tier to be.

Could it become abused and what to do if it does? I think the 2 Strain per spell cast would prevent this from being spammed. The caster could find it easy to heal himself of Wounds without wasting an attack action (you potentially do both at the same time), but the trade off is he's going to be getting too much Strain with repeated use. A potential abuser would of course be looking for ways to easily recoup Strain quickly. As in, imagine a player that grabs a magical item or some other new talent that suddenly increases the odds of rolling extra Advantage....and uses this Advantage to easily negate or recover Strain from casting. Now she's spamming this DamageThem/HealMe spell constantly in every single battle.

If it is abused and becomes a problem, the GM could use Threats rolled while using Blood Drain to cause additional Strain to the caster. This would not require a new rule at all, just use the usual 1 Threat causes 1 Strain. But, a player who knows the GM is commonly going to use the Threats to cause Strain when using this talent could slow things down a bit if it's being spammed. So, I think that's a good counter, already in the rules. So probably all still good.

There are Magical Implements introduced in Terrinoth that could boost this talent if they are allowed in the setting. A "Wand of Blood/Death" would add 3 to any attack damage, which thus could heal 3 more Wounds when using this ability. If such a wand was also made out of Bone, it would automatically heal 1 additional Wound when successfully casting an Attack.
General Discussion / Re: Talent/Ability Workshop
« Last post by Swordbreaker on March 23, 2021, 12:48:20 pm »
Got another one:

Drain / Blood Drain
Activation: Incidental
Ranked: No
Tier: 3 or 4
(Optional: Your character must have purchased the Dark Insight talent to benefit from this talent.)
When your character casts an Attack spell using the Arcana skill, they may increase the difficulty of the check once to add the Drain additional effect: If the attack successfully inflicts 1 or more wounds on the target, your character heals wounds equal to the wounds inflicted or their ranks in Knowledge [Knowledge (Forbidden) if using that skill] (whichever amount is lesser).

General Discussion / Re: Talent/Ability Workshop
« Last post by Swordbreaker on March 21, 2021, 04:36:53 pm »
First, the attack seems to indicate some sort of magical ability so you might want to put that as a prerequisite if it fits in your setting so something like. Your character must have 1 rank in arcane to use this talent. Or something similar unless anyone in your setting can throw around sword beams :)

Fair point, though it's not a prerequisite I would add for what I plan to use this ability for. I could otherwise see this as a fair addition.

Second, the talent is very underwhelming for a T3 talent. If I am a melee fighter this allows me to do a worse attack with less damage for 2 strain in short range. All it would take is a maneuver to close to melee range and resolve a normal attack.

For a tier 3 ability, I would make it more powerful and worthwhile to use. Maybe give it some funky stuff let it go out to medium range and give it a fun effect.

Other tier 3 talents include stuff that either takes out rivals or minions or deal extra damage or attacks via advantages or strain.

I might drop it down a tier and bump its max range to medium, then.

Usually, melee weapons that add a range to it are always resolved at average difficulty to avoid any speculation to use these at short distance at a lower difficulty.  This can be seen in the keyforge book for example check page 221 the Darkwater tree adversary. The write-up is something like this "the difficulty for this is always Average".

While I agree that's typically the case with unique weapons and talents that allow for that, like whips or pikes or something, in this case the attack is more intended to be used like a magical attack, so I feel like the distinction works here. Though I suppose this particular feature would need the most play-testing.
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