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General Discussion / Re: Publishing on Foundry - What paper size?
« Last post by filbot3 on June 21, 2021, 05:13:05 pm »
There's nothing really stopping anyone from doing Graphic Novel size or A5 or sizes similar to Savage Worlds or Index Card RPG. Unless there's some small written rule that says it must be US Letter or A4 sized.
The Android: Netrunner card game got me into the Android setting, so it seemed reasonable that I could use Netrunner cards to frame Genesys adventures.

I've started trying to design some quick one-shots by picking one Corp agenda as the overall plot conflict; a Corp asset added as a source of adversaries, an operation as a complication or encounter. Then pull a couple Runner resources and/or events as allies/conflicts or just lead-ins to the adventure.

I've done this randomly a couple times, and other times just browsed the cards for ideas. There is a lot there to draw upon, and the cards seem like an easy way to pull in ideas in an inspiring, structured format. The key is to focus on the flavor text and art as inspiration for what the card would represent in the fully realized setting.

If you'd like to try, but don't own Netrunner cards, you can find a database of them with images at
Your Settings / Weird War Adventures
« Last post by jendefer on June 05, 2021, 03:40:14 pm »
Secrets Beneath is an original one-shot adventure module for Genesys. Set in the Weird War, an occult reframing of World War II, the PCs must deal with ambivalent spirits, untrusting prisoners, and of course the German Army.

Four pre-generated characters, all members of the Allied Forces, are provided, should you wish to use them. They are +50 XP beyond starting XP. The module also includes a set of four secret backgrounds and four secret goals that can be distributed at random, to help give players some direction on their character’s behavior.

This module was inspired by the @RealTimeWWII Twitter account.
General Discussion / Re: Mythic GM Emulator with Genesys
« Last post by jendefer on June 01, 2021, 11:10:52 pm »
Yes, I have experience using Mythic GME with Genesys/SWRPG. Regarding the concern about overlap between the GME and the narrative dice system, my experience is that one needs to go to GME less often when playing Genesys than one would when playing a pass/fail RPG. Genesys already has threats/advantages and triumphs/despairs for the players to alter their environment and introduce new features, whereas other systems need to rely more heavily on the GME for doing that.

In a Genesys/GME game, the emulator is still very helpful for setting up a scene (and determining whether it deviates from what you thought). It is also good for informing NPC actions and for resolving things like Perception checks. Regarding NPCs, I'll add that I've played with the Mythic blue book, which is the first edition. I know things changed in some of the later releases to help guide NPCs more. When we play, we use the action/subject tables to give guidance on an NPC's motivations, but we also use the oracle table to help decide things like, "Does this NPC have 2 ranks in Charm?" We do not do that for every stat (we lean heavily on existing adversary stat blocks) but it can really help flesh out an NPC if you find you are interacting with them more. And in some cases, NPCs have blown up into demi-PCs, so knowing more about their stats became a necessity.

Playing with a GM emulator with definitely a different experience than playing with a GM. Even though I as a GM only do limited planning for a session, and so in some sense am playing to "find out what happens," with the GME that is really, really true. It can be quite mentally exhausting, and if you are using it for playing with other people, it is really important to make quick decisions on interpreting the oracle results, and not get bogged down in analyzing all the possibilities. Look for what is a reasonable, logical interpretation, and move on from there.

There's an actual play on my website of some scenes from a two-player SWRPG game using the GM Emulator, so you could give that a listen to get a feel for how it can go. It's not in the podcast stream because we didn't record the full campaign, just messed around with audio equipment towards the end. This one scene is less than half an hour long and really gets started around 02:00. We include the scene set-up, and we evaluate the likelihood of various things before rolling on the oracle table several times, but we also use what we know of the rules to set difficulties for other skill checks without involving the GME.
General Discussion / Re: Publishing on Foundry - What paper size?
« Last post by drainsmith on May 17, 2021, 11:58:22 am »
I think they are nearly all titles US letter sized much to the lament of the rest of the world. This matches what the books themselves are published in.
General Discussion / Re: Caltrops
« Last post by Sturn on May 16, 2021, 10:13:33 am »
Glad to see you posting here Hooly!
General Discussion / Re: Caltrops
« Last post by GM Hooly on May 16, 2021, 09:53:08 am »
Using Caltrops is definitely an action, much like using an item. Drawing them out would be the maneuver. Caltrops would cause an area to become difficult terrain, unless the character makes an Average Athletics or coordination check (forcing them to take an action). However, if they move through it normally (i.e. without taking their time, or without taking an action, they take wounds (perhaps a characters ranks in skulduggery). Perhaps even a critical injury at -50 (for a minimal result of 01).

Just a few random thoughts.
General Discussion / Re: Talent/Ability Workshop
« Last post by Sturn on May 15, 2021, 12:34:37 pm »
Ok I'm back with some (yes just some) of my talents. Please tell me if you wish to put them in a different thread I will move them.

Explanation first. I'm trying to add a series of linked talents to give a sort of "specialization" feel for certain skills. For example, a crafter might wish to specialize in being a smith, or a melee character may wish to specialize in swords vs axes. That sort of thing. To save space, I'm going to give simple one sentence explanations. I'm hoping for someone to help me with the proper Tiers for these talents, or point out any issues I haven't noticed.

First batch(es) will be weapons.

The Choppa T2: Gives BOO when using Melee with any Axe. 
The Choppa (improved) T3: While using any Axe, may use 2 ADV (3if the target’s Brawn is greater then yours) on an attack roll to snag a defender’s shield or buckler negating use of the shield during the attacker’s next turn. A Triumph may be used to pull the shield completely from the defender’s grasp.
The Choppa (improved) T4: When an attack defeats an opponent, any damage beyond what was needed can be applied to a second target Engaged to the attacker. Add a Strain requirement?

Hammer Time T2: Gives BOO when using Melee with any mace, hammer, or warhammer.
Hammer Time (improved) T3: When Disorient is applied as part of a melee weapon attack (nearly all blunt weapons in my setting) you may increase the Disorient rating by 1 per Strain expended (thus increasing the duration of the the Disorient).
Hammer Time (supreme) T4: When attacking with a melee weapon with the Knockdown quality, it requires 1 less ADV to activate, to a minimum of 1.

Ol' Ball & Chain T2: Gives BOO when using Flails (any) with a Melee attack.
Ol' Ball & Chain (improved) T3: Ignore 1 defense from Shields of opponents when using a Flail
Ol' Ball & Chain (supreme) T4: Opponents may not use the Parry ability against you when making attacks with a Flail.

Arbalester T1: During the first round of combat (only) crossbow attacks gain 1 automatic ADV if already prepared.
Arbalester (improved) T2: Gives BOO when using Ranged with any crossbow.
Arbalester (supreme) T3: Spend 1 Strain to remove one from the Prepare quality of any crossbow. Can spend multiple Strain to remove more?

Pole Dancer T1: May instead choose to attack with the opposite end of any polearm as if it is a Staff. Polearms includes any polearm, but also staves and spears. If the weapon IS a staff, this talent instead grants Linked 1, but it requires 3 ADV to activate.
Pole Dancer (improved) T2: Gives BOO with any polearm including staves and spears.
Pole Dancer (supreme) T3: May dual wield with any polearm by using the opposite end, default is a staff attack without attachments.

The Blade Itself T2: Gives BOO when using any sword.
The Blade Itself (improved) T3: May spend 2 ADV on a Melee attack with a sword, to give yourself BOO with the same attack against the same opponent next action. However, the GM may also spend 1 THR from your attack to give the same opponent a BOO against you during his next attack.
The Blade Itself (supreme) T4: When attacked while wielding a sword with the defensive quality, you may force the attacker to reroll any Setback die of your choice after the attack was rolled by spending 1 Strain per die.

Scrapper T1:This is the same as the Tavern Brawler T1 talent from Terrinoth. It adds ADV to combat checks when using improvised weapons.
Scrapper (improved) T2: BOO when using any mundane weapons. This does not include Improvised weapons. It does include anything that could be considered “civilian” – staves, knives, clubs, hatchets, wood axes, etc. This BOO does not stack with the BOO given by other weapon talents?
Scrapper (supreme) T3:  You know how to use mundane items in a deadly way. Any mundane weapon you yield gains the Vicious 1 quality.

Backstab T3: From Terrinoth. If the target is unaware, each success gives 2 damage instead of 1.
Backstab (improved) T4: Automatic 2 ADV added to any backstab check. Just 1 ADV?
Backstab (supreme) T5: May expend 1 Strain to add Vicious 1 (+10 to Critical Injury roll) to a backstab with a critical result. Must spend the Strain before the critical roll is made. May spend multiple Strain (a.i. before the critical result roll, spend 3 Strain to add +30 to the roll).
General Discussion / Publishing on Foundry - What paper size?
« Last post by Sturn on May 14, 2021, 01:49:14 pm »
What paper size is preferred on the Foundry when creating PDF's? This is the A4 vs Letter argument. Being US-based, I'm of course used to Letter. But, if I put something on the Foundry, which should I go with since those downloading it may be from various places in the world? Or is it a moot point since a PDF reader will convert it for your printer anyway if you decide to print it out?

I tried to see if there was a standard for the Foundry, but didn't find anything.
General Discussion / Re: Caltrops
« Last post by skarpie on May 08, 2021, 09:48:31 am »
Maybe the person walking through them could be given a choice. They could treat it as difficult terrain and daintily walk across, or could attempt a Coordination check to make it across. This Coordination check difficulty could be effected by the amount of time spent setting the trap, amount of caltrops in general, or maybe a Mr Trappy Trapperson talent.
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