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The Android: Netrunner card game got me into the Android setting, so it seemed reasonable that I could use Netrunner cards to frame Genesys adventures.

I've started trying to design some quick one-shots by picking one Corp agenda as the overall plot conflict; a Corp asset added as a source of adversaries, an operation as a complication or encounter. Then pull a couple Runner resources and/or events as allies/conflicts or just lead-ins to the adventure.

I've done this randomly a couple times, and other times just browsed the cards for ideas. There is a lot there to draw upon, and the cards seem like an easy way to pull in ideas in an inspiring, structured format. The key is to focus on the flavor text and art as inspiration for what the card would represent in the fully realized setting.

If you'd like to try, but don't own Netrunner cards, you can find a database of them with images at

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