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Your Settings / [Seemless] Archetypes & Careers
« on: February 17, 2021, 09:26:26 pm »
= CHELIKS v.anthro scorpions =

The Cheliks are the Children of the Ancients.  They were the ones that the pantheon spoke to when they were bringing forth the sixth age.  The desert created by the planet in the fifth age was nearly inhospitable.  The pantheon wanted survivors and found the creatures there in the sand and the harsh environment slowly baking in the sun.  Lamprides had spotted them deep in the sand and pointed them out to Velleta who nourished the creatures hatred for the destruction done to their home.  Velleta gave them the mind and the vision to hear and drive the others to survive in spite of the planets audacity.

The Chelik peoples are humanoid in shape with rough chitinous skin and a long armored tail that ends in a stinger.  Cheliks do not have hair but the chitin can be forced to grow in unique ways.  The vestiges of claws appear on the back of their hands and can be used in fighting.  As young creatures of the desert, they would fight with the claws and the tail, but as creatures raised by the pantheon to and worship them and be intelligent, they also rely on strange magics to see possible futures and arcane arts to strike at their enemies from a distance.

Cheliks come in a variety of colors and patterns and will often inscribe their exoskeletons with artwork reflective of the deity to which they feel closest.  Since their evolution, the Cheliks have found reflection and comfort in each member of the pantheon, though more Cheliks follow the prescripts of Velleta than any of the others.

| XP - 80
|    2    |     2     |      2      |     3     |      2      |      2     |
|-----Soak-----|--Wound Threshold--|--Strain Threshold--|------Defense-----|
|   0 + Brawn  |    10 + Brawn     |   10 + Willpower   |         0        |
| * Tail with Stinger:  Spend 3 ADVANTAGE from a combat check to deal an additional hit to the target (Brawn+2, Crit 3, Inflicts +1 damage per Success as usual).

Cheliks start with 1 rank in Knowledge(Pantheon) and 1 rank in Discipline.  They obtain these ranks before spending experience points, and these skills may not be increased higher than rank 2 during character creation. 

Special Skill: "The Scale of the Gods" Once per session, the Chelik may spend a story point and half their total strain to add an Ability die and a Proficiency die after a roll to see if the scales can be tipped in the Chelik's favor.

Your Settings / [Seemless] Background
« on: February 13, 2021, 09:04:05 pm »
... meta or the self-reference about the project.

I usually have a problem getting through impossibly large posts, but that's just me.  So I'm going to try and break it down into a few posts inside this thread before moving onto another thread.

Here I will want to talk about:
  • The Process
  • Initial background
  • Outline of archetypes, careers (to be fleshed out in other threads)
  • A slightly deeper history of ages

And in this particular post of this thread, hit Process.  From the Genesys Expanded Players Guide (p.40), After a few walkthroughs of the process they had laid out, I decided on a slightly different approach than what immediately appeared prescribed by the book.  For the Common Tropes, I decided to roll until I got a repeat result or until the next result did not fit with the previous results in my mind.  After rolling for Tropes, it seemed like I should be rolling to 2 sides, the good and the evil.  From there, things progressed.  A few sparse notes are in the results.

Code: [Select]
50 Magic - Magic Element, Acquisition is a thing
98 Undead - Vampires Spirits Zombies Ghosts AnimatedSkeletons
33 Good vs Evil - Factions
46 Lost - Something was lost, recovering it is key
76 Gritty Realism - Sometimes villains win, not everything goes right for heroes

40 Renaissance
01 Stone Age => Undead Humans

[b]World Structure[/b]
3 Earth Like Planet
9 Tidally Locked World => Dark and Light Sides.

7 Temperate World => Light Side
8 Cold World => Dark Side

7 River Valley - seamless
2 Wasteland

7 Midsized Towns
3 Isolated Low-tech groups

[b]Other Inhabitants Oddities[/b]
52 The Ruins of Elder Races
69 Elaborate Cave System
17 MegaFauna

[b]Religion and Cosmology[/b]
Monotheistic - Amoral => The planet
Polytheistic - Good and Evil

4 City States
10 World Government => Vampire/Lich ruled (Maybe abandon this for City States of Undead)

[b]Factions and Organizations[/b]
49 Military
70 Political
88 Religious Organization
83 Terrorists
 0 Caste System

79 Protection
16 Exploration
10 Economic Growth

At the end of this, Economic Growth in my mind is farthest from the images my mind was conjuring, but I left it anyway.  The population category may also just plainly be tossed.  So there we have it, the numbers that started this crazy idea.  Perhaps something stands out as strange out incongruent, dear reader, but there is some sense in this for me to get started.

Your Settings / Genesys Settings Developed via the Forums
« on: February 12, 2021, 02:06:39 pm »
I am slowly poking at a setting stemming from a set of rolls out of the Expanded Player's Guide, from the Chapter 5: Creating a Setting Section.  I thought it might be a fun idea to move my plodding to the forums for others to contribute too or poke at or whatever.  I am, however, not sure where the best place is to put the seeds of the idea.  There are, of course, archetypes and careers.  There would probably be room for new skills and talents, and I'd like to try talent trees in some cases.  A great big mixture of these things would get lost in a single forum thread if jumbled all together.  I know that if I store it in a google doc or just on my computer it will not see as many eyes.

Any thoughts?

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