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General Discussion / Skill as "Right tool for the job"?
« on: March 09, 2022, 02:58:06 pm »
For a while I fiddled with a house rule I called “chained actions”. My thought was to use one roll to affect the next roll in certain situations. Imagine a leader of a sailing ship’s crew needing to direct the bridge? Both Operating and Leadership make sense, so perhaps make him roll Operating with success and advantages affecting the follow on Leadership roll. I liked it at first but too clunky and slowed play with extra rolls. But, I still wanted the leader with ship experience in that situation to have some sort of an advantage over the leader who had never set foot on a ship before.

Then I thought of a much simpler method. Using the “Right tool for the job” concept, I thought what about making certain related skills a “tool”? So that Leadership roll would require the character to have Operating as a “tool”, if not apply setback to this Leadership roll when he directs the crew? Fixing a robot's brain using Mechanics? Perhaps consider Computers skill as a “tool”. The character rolling the action could use the game rule of “skilled assistance” to meet the requirement of the “skill tool” as long as the other character helped him or her.


General Discussion / Publishing on Foundry - What paper size?
« on: May 14, 2021, 01:49:14 pm »
What paper size is preferred on the Foundry when creating PDF's? This is the A4 vs Letter argument. Being US-based, I'm of course used to Letter. But, if I put something on the Foundry, which should I go with since those downloading it may be from various places in the world? Or is it a moot point since a PDF reader will convert it for your printer anyway if you decide to print it out?

I tried to see if there was a standard for the Foundry, but didn't find anything.

General Discussion / "Advanced" Character Creation Opinions Sought
« on: February 06, 2021, 03:33:41 pm »
So, I've got several house rules that make character creation much more detailed. Selection of Backgrounds, an Age Group, and a Social Tier, when describing the character actually gives in-game affects such as a rank in a skill, adding a career skill, or possibly a talent. I also have Career Specializations. Once you choose a Career, it gives you 5 Career Skills. You then pick a Specialization under the Career, which gives you 3 more Career Skills. These selections can give bonus skill ranks, career skills, and even low tier talents.

A starting character can easily begin with two tier 1 talents and one tier 2 based on choices during character creation. I've reduced base XP granted due to the extra talents, career skills, and ranks that may be granted to make the characters on par with core in strength. I've greatly expanded talent lists especially when it comes to crafting and fighting styles. I have several tier 1 talents such as Martial Training, Shipwright, Sailor, Armorsmith, Linguist, Artist, Outfitter, Bowyer, etc which go along with several of the added options during character creation.

Without getting into further detail, I'm wondering if I should simplify things such as removing the granted talents. They talents DO help differentiate the various options I've described above. But I'm afraid it's getting overly complicated. I like it and it's easy for me to grasp it all, but I created it. I'm worried that new players will be overwhelmed with not only the added decisions (choosing an age, specialization, social tier, background), but with the options they have to select within each of those added steps.

Thoughts? I can answer any questions of confusion about what I'm doing. I just didn't want to post 40 pages of a rough draft and ask someone to read through all of that. Hopefully I've explained it enough. I added some examples of each below.

Background Example
Skills Granted (one): Streetwise or Negotiation at rank 1.
Talent Granted (one): Know this Town or Linguist.

Age Group Example
Skills Granted (one): Geography or Streetwise.
Talent Granted (one): Linguist, Bookworm, Know this Town, or Well Traveled.
Skill Maximum: Rank 2 as usual, but one skill of Rank 3 allowed during character creation.
Characteristic Maximums: Brawn 4, Agility 4, all others 5.
Experience Points: +10 XP.

Social Tier Example
Tier 3 - The well off “gentleman” class. These gentry are often merchants, wealthy craftsmen, ranking military officers, and landlords with peasants, commoners, or even slaves working for them. But, they are not nobility or royalty.
Cost: 15 XP.
Career Skill (one): Negotiation or Leadership.
Talent Granted (one): Sailor, Martial Training, or Courtly Manners.

Career and Specialty Example
Fighter Career
Career Skills: Athletics, Brawl, Melee, Resilience, and Coercion.

Cavalry Specialty
Career Skills: Riding, Discipline, and Cool.
Granted Talent (two): Martial Training, Animal Husbandry, Well Traveled, Armorer.

General Discussion / Affinity Publisher Free Trial
« on: January 21, 2021, 03:45:56 pm »
For those aspiring to create Foundry products, there is currently a 90-day trial for Affinity Publisher. I think I picked it up for $50 in the past (on sale?). I'm not sure of the price now. But if you want to try it before investing, the trial is up now -

General Discussion / Edge Studio Interview
« on: January 21, 2021, 03:43:36 pm »
There was an interview with an Edge Studio staff member (not sure his exact position). It's in French. The link is below, but I found (stole) an alleged translation of some key points:

1- As many of you know probably, Edge Studio now has the license to publish all the Role-Playing game properties that FFG once had.
2- Sam Gregor-Stewart and many others who worked for the FFG RPG department are noe working for/with Edge Studios to work on those same IPs.
3- ABOUT GENESYS: They are hinting at two main setting books that will come out fairly soon (sorry, no mention on what or when yet) as well as two smaller products (supplements or adventure modules? They haven’t said). A lot of work has already been done to translate to French the settings of of Terrinoth & KeyForge, Android is also underway. They are also translating to French the core book and the EPG as well as the GM Screen.
4- Edge Studio is also working on translating Star Wars to French as well as other languages (the company has teams working across Europe, but their main offices are in France). Work is also being done on french Call of Cthulhu books.
5- They are also working on Legend of the Five Rings (possibly a new edition with plot twists that surprised even Sam) as well as the dark-fantasy setting of Midnight.

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